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I'm Mitch, a freelance web developer who builds amazing things quickly.

About Mitch Nick

Ruby and AngularJS Developer

Mitch Nick My name is Mitch Nick and I'm a full stack developer who builds web applications in Ruby and AngularJS, with a preference for Ruby on Rails. My career started at Deloitte tailoring Sales and Marketing technologies for really large companies. In my free-time there I set the vision which overhauled Deloitte's global and US innovation programs. In 2012, I left to focus 100% on programming and haven't looked back.

I work on all sorts of projects - whether you are a new startup looking to get an MVP off the ground or an established company looking to add some development capacity.

I'm currently working remotely, but my previous home was Minneapolis. Wherever I am, I try to help people understand Nick can be a last name.

My philosophy: Save clients time and money without sacrificing quality

I believe in leveraging existing web frameworks and our previous code versus rebuilding the wheel from scratch. This saves my clients both time and money. Need a login which incorporates Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn for your site? This is more of a copy and paste problem versus starting completely from scratch. Looking for a website which is easy for you to administer and add content to in the future? I'll pull in an established and well maintained Ruby gem (re: add-on / extension) to create the backend administration site in just a couple of hours. Looking to get an MVP off the ground? We'll build out a rough wireframe and leverage a beautiful design on wrapbootstrap. Looking to build a mobile app? Let's leverage Ionic so we have one codebase which creates an iOS and Android app.

All the team enjoyed working with Mitch. They all respected his technical expertise, opinion and his willingness to listen when other people’s opinion was different from his own. With me, Mitch’s communication was right where it needed to be. He brought the appropriate questions to the right people, and kept his questions for me to the strategic variety. He also did a good job of pestering me when he needed me to look at something, which is appreciated and can be needed at times in a project.

Mitch’s code was well organized and he did a great job of test coverage. His approach to solving problems was a nice balance of not being too complex or too simple; he didn’t jump through hoops he didn’t need to. Speaking to the Full Stack, from some hard core database issues to javascript issues, Mitch did a great job of jumping in. If there was an issue he didn’t know how to solve, he had a great approach for trying to figure out a solution. Whether it involved learning or getting other people involved, he was always great at troubleshooting.

Overall, Mitch is great to work with and would definitely love to hire him again.

Kelly Heikkila

Kelly Heikkila
Director of Products for Kinetic Data & Coderow Founder


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When I started looking for a development partner, we met with a multitude of different companies. Mitch related instantly to the project we had in mind and understood our project goals. He was able to put the project into terms all members of our team, including those with limited tech backgrounds, could understand. Once we started working together, he set us up with the tools necessary to keep track of the project in real time.

Mitch brought focus to a very large idea, worked within our budget / timeline and ultimately brought it all to life. It’s been just a short period of time since launch, and the application has already been extremely useful in our everyday work. He definitely helped us reach our main goal of taking 50% of our work out of the inbox. I can only imagine as we continue, the tool will bring our company even more in sync with all of our different managers across the country.

Working with Mitch has been great and we will certainly be calling him when we are ready to start with Phase 2.

Josh Sundquist

Josh Sundquist
General Manager for Middle West Management

Working with groups

Even though I work as an independent programmer, I find myself working in groups a large portion of the time. Leveraging git, it has never been easier for a team of programmers to work on an application together and deliver you an outstanding end product. Depending on your project needs and timeline, there are numerous different people I enjoy working with.



UX Expert and lover of all things internet. He scours the web for the best user experiences and leverages the best of each to create seamless user experiences. Previously worked as a UX Designer for a local consulting firm. Conor lives in Saint Paul and enjoys spending time with his black lab Dempsey and growing his startup.



Resident Angular JS expert. Originally got his start on the web as a world class film editor and now spends his time building out websites for his fortunate clients. Timmer grew up in Saint Paul but current spends his time down in Austin, TX, and loves to remind us all how great the weather is there during the winter.



An expert Ruby developer that loves to play with science, math and gadgets. He's been a part of a startup which was acquired by Facebook (which is pretty awesome) and countless web projects in general. Jake grew up in Iowa and currently lives in Minneapolis with his wife, 2 dogs and son.



Ruby programmer stud located in Ukraine and back end expert. It was not easy to find someone as talented as Mikhail. I scoured through hundreds of individuals abroad to find an individual who writes quality code meant to scale and is enjoyable to work with. I bring in Mikhail (or someone like him) when it's important to lower the overall rate.

Mystery Man


I love coming in and being a member of your team. I can travel to your location (even if it's not in Minnesota) to work with your development team and / or designers. You'll find I have the appropriate amount of communication and am a great team member.

Mitch is great to work with and willing to do whatever needs to be done. He was able to provide pieces of functionality very, very quickly that I needed but wasn’t capable of doing on my own. He also helped me learn ruby on rails, css and a whole other host of things so I could do the work on my own. He was very patient throughout the process while also being upbeat and fun to work with.

When I needed something, he was there. Very quick to give a full fledged answer. Sometimes I didn’t even know what I was asking but I would get the right answer anyway.

When I need help or have new work I will be calling Mitch first.

Elizabeth Psihos

Elizabeth Psihos
Lawplicity Founder

Contact Information

Enough about me, time to start talking about you. My contact information is listed below or you can contact me via this handy form. I look forward to hearing from you.

Email: [email protected]

Skype: mitch.nick

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